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About us

We are Carpet Cleaning Orange and we are in the business of cleaning rugs and carpets! Our cleaning services don't stop there. We also offer tile, upholstery and sofa cleaning as well. We utilize the most effective cleaning technologies necessary to eliminate both stains and odors. If you're worried about mold, don't be! We've got you covered!

Cleaning the Carpets

Carpets make floors especially comfortable; this is why people love them. Aside from this, they also add a distinct aesthetic appeal to the room where they're in. Even though carpets make rooms look attractive, this added appeal is a double edged sword because of their tendency to collect dirt. This is where our cleaning services come in. We employ the most effective cleaning tools to ensure that we are able to provide deep clean carpet services.

Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs provide a decorative accent to a room as well as a comfortable area you can rest your feet on or actually lounge on. Rugs provide a similar challenge comparable to carpets. The major difference being that rugs can be removed from the floor making them relatively easier to clean. Let us use our effective yet affordable carpet cleaning methods to clean your rugs!

Pets Stains and Odor Removal

Pets are cute and very lovable. They are easily welcomed as part of the family, however there is something about them that no one likes and that is what they leave behind on carpets − stains and odors. When pets do their business on the living room rug or carpet, cleaning it without the help of a professional carpet cleaner becomes a futile endeavor. The most common methods and tools available to the normal homeowner is not enough for the task. Let our professional services help you out.

Cleaning the Tiles

Tiles are very challenging to clean. They have ruts between them that accumulate dirt as well as moisture that usually translates into mold and mildew. This happens even when grout is used to keep the spaces between tiles flush with the tops of the tiles. The mold killing solvents and professional cleaning tools that we utilize at Carpet Cleaning Orange are effective enough to remove any mold from any type of tile, no matter the finish. You can count on us to make your tiles look like brand new.

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