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About us

If you can't stand the dirt accumulated in your carpet and the clearly visible stains, it's high time you took action. We provide a top quality service which will give you everything you want and more. We provide regular maintenance and handle specific issues when they arise. We have the best technicians, equipment and cleaning products. We are highly rated by our customers for our expertise, reliable service and affordable pricing.

A New Life to Your Flooring and Furniture

Dust, dirt and staining speed up the process of natural wear and tear in addition to making the carpet look unsightly and posing health risks. With our comprehensive carpet maintenance service, you will get a perfectly clean carpet which has bright colors. Our technicians adjust the equipment accordingly and use the right kinds of safe yet potent products to ensure that the cleaning will produce top results while preserving the structure and fibers in excellent condition.

We are experts in stain removal. We handle all kinds of stains including those left by spilled liquids and food, kids' crayons and pet activity. No matter how stubborn the stain is, we will remove it effectively and safely. Any unpleasant odor will be replaced by a gentle and refreshing scent. The magic created by our compay is real.

You can trust us not only with cleaning your carpets, but with dirty rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We will remove dirt and stains from the finest of rugs and from the most beautiful ceramic tiles to make them perfectly gorgeous and hygienic once again. All upholstered furniture and especially sofas accumulate quite a lot of dust and dirt in addition to getting stained. We will resolve all of these issues at once without wasting your time and money.

Visit our website to learn more about our residential and office carpet cleaning services and about our water damage and mold removal services.


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