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Answers to commonly asked questions for your carpet cleaning and maintenance.

When is it best to change a highly stained carpet?

When you have tried professional carpet cleaning and the stains remain on your carpet, than it is probably time to change it. If it is so visible and it affects the visual appeal of your home, then change is a must.

Is it good to hasten carpet cleaning?

Experts in carpet cleaning would suggest not hastening the cleaning process. Aside from the fact that it does not guarantee all spots to be cleaned, it can even cause damage in some parts of the carpet. Take your time in cleaning especially the most affected areas.

When should I clean my carpet?

You don’t have to clean your carpet every single day, but our technicians would suggest that you inspect your carpet every week just to make sure that everything is as it should be. If there is too much dirt or dust, whip out that vacuum.

What is the best treatment for mold?

The specialists of our carpet cleaning company explain that this depends on the type of mold and the surface where it lives. Once the mold has been removed, measures for preventing future growth have to be taken as well. The most important thing is to prevent the surface from getting moist in the future.

Why do area rugs get dirty more quickly?

This usually happens when you bring in dirt from the outside. Use door mats and make sure that no one wears outdoor shoes when walking on the rugs. Clean slippers which your family members wear indoors frequently. Weekly vacuuming is extremely important.


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